Two-faced Haiku for Neptune


Voyager’s Neptune (nice version)

Orb. Bear your stitching
Scar. Icy shines your still life
Face. Blue clouds rejoin.

Voyager’s Neptune (mean version)

You. Bear your stitching
Scar. Icy shines your orb’s poor
Trait. Blue clouds sever.

Poet’s Note

I did not set out to write two versions, let alone a nice and mean one. As a lazy Sunday morning writing activity, I decided to compose a single haiku based on a NASA image. I chose the above picture, actually a composite of multiple images from the Voyager 2 flyby of Neptune. It includes what appears to be a faint photo-stitching line running vertically through the left quarter of Neptune. My plan from the outset was to give the poem a corresponding scar by use of enjambment, which now that I explain it sounds kinda mean. Maybe that’s why the first version I completed was the mean one. But, loving the picture and admiring NASA’s imaging talent, I kept playing till I had a nice haiku as well.

Author: Jake Christensen

Jake Christensen is a Michigan-based writer currently exploring his Mormon heritage through poetry. Also a space enthusiast, he has attended NASA Socials at Glenn Research Center and Goddard Space Flight Center. In addition to past performances in regional and educational theater, Jake periodically appears in Moth StorySLAMs.

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