Poetry Leaves a ‘Permanent Smirk’

Science poetry is a happening thing … or at least a thing that happens.

smirk-selfieRecently a poet writing under a pseudonym asked me to read and review their collection of science-themed poetry. I was glad to do so. The collection, by Truth A. Teale, is titled Permanent Smirk and is available as an Amazon Kindle eBook. I really liked it. The critical exercise has me wondering what other science poetry is out there. How is this subgenre fairing? 

Expect more posts on this topic in the future. In the meantime, please read my review to see what I thought of Ms. Teale’s collection. And speaking as an openly biased reader, I recommend giving this collection a try.

HAL 9000 meets Harlequin Romance

According to NPR Weekend Edition, Google is enhancing its Artificial Intelligence Engine’s tone of voice with help from romance novels. Here is a link to the audio:

Google Feeds Its AI Engine Formulaic Romance…

Let us hope this is not where the tutelage of artificial intelligence ends. Intriguing though, to contemplate if things would have gone better in 2001: A Space Odyssey if Dave Bowman had tried reading HAL some risqué prose.